Baby Botox – a new and very fashionable new trend!

Baby Botox – a new and very fashionable new trend!

If you follow Instagram and enjoy reading about celebrities, you might have noticed that Baby Botox is fast becoming a new and very fashionable new trend! Although a good practitioner will never advise a prospective client just to have a procedure because it is fashionable, having an aesthetic beauty treatment should be about making an individual more confident and self-assured and of course achieving their desired look and outcome!  However, it might be that this latest trend could be a treatment that is ideal.  Firstly, this treatment will not be as expensive as traditional Botox treatments, the reason being is that the product is used in smaller quantities, although the effects are not as long lasting. Baby Botox will not result in the “frozen” look so often attributed to Botox treatments.  Also, this treatment has a greater appeal to those who are younger and are considering preventative rather than corrective Botox treatments.

The procedure is basically the same as traditional Botox treatments as already indicated but just less of the toxin (Botulinum toxin type A), in this instance the procedure will result in a more natural look and it works exactly the same, in that blocks the signals (from the nerve(s)) to the muscles that triggers them to contract.  The muscles then become paralyzed but only partially, the toxin will eventually wear off but whilst in “action” it minimises the development of wrinkles and fine lines, the reason being that the muscles are no longer functioning in the same way so any movement that usually causes these is limited.  Hence the preventative aspect of choosing the treatment.  The effects of course are less noticeable (not so dramatic as with traditional botox) and are not so long lasting, but the result is more natural, and the client will notice more flexibility in the facial movements.   There are some individuals who would be advised that the treatment is not suitable for them, this would be due to pre-existing medical conditions such as high blood pressure, hepatitis (or any other condition that makes them prone to bleeding) also if they have a previous reaction to the botulinum toxin the procedure would not be recommended.

What are the targeted areas that Baby Botox will have an impact on?  With the ageing process as our natural defences become less effective (collagen and elastin) then we develop symptoms that evidence this such as fine lines and wrinkles, but other indicators include crow’s feet, furrowing in the brow region, our neck and jawbone or jawline and the lips, where you might notice small creases or lines developing, these can all be improved and lessened by the procedure of baby Botox application.

What can you expect if you decide that this treatment is one that you would to proceed with? When arranging this through a Beauty Salon or Clinic they will arrange a consultation with a fully qualified and trained practitioner. During the consultation you can expect to complete a series of questions, usual contact details but also a detailed medical history, this is to ensure that there are no factors involved which may prohibit or delay the treatment. They will also discuss your expectations and desired outcome, which should be realistic, and they can then proceed to plan your treatment, possibly showing before and after photos and illustrations to help you determine if the treatment will be sufficient and match your expectations.  Once completed and all is satisfactory, they can book an appointment for your treatment.

Should a prospective client be concerned about side effects?  As with any anaesthetic treatment there may be an element of risk but with Baby Botox the treatment is regarding as safe, it is a non-surgical so less invasive procedure than surgery, but clients would be made aware of possible side effects during the consultation.  Following the treatment, a client may experience swelling or bruising at the injection site(s), a dry mouth, some weakness of the muscles, possible headaches or even symptoms similar to the flu! There may a slight drooping of the eyebrow or the symmetry of the face may appear irregular.   These will dissipate over a short time.  Some clients however may experience more severe reactions, and these can include fatigue, an allergic reaction to the toxin (may appear as a rash), vomiting and nausea, vision becomes blurred or affected, pain in the neck these are exceedingly rare but if a client did encounter one of these symptoms, they should contact their doctor or seek medical assistance (local hospital) immediately.

The procedure and treatment are quite straightforward, this follows your consultation at an agreed appointment time.  You will also be advised prior to treatment to avoid any medications that may have a negative effect, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or blood thinners usually for two weeks before the procedure.  Ensure that your face is free from any make-up and you have used a cleanser to make sure that any traces are carefully removed.  Before the treatment, the practitioner may use a topical numbing cream or ointment just to alleviate any discomfort.  The practitioner will the proceed to place the injections at the dose agreed and once completed the client can resume their typical day’s activity as there no extended recovery time!

What about after care? Always check with your practitioner what they advise and recommend in terms of after care but there are few general guidelines to be aware of such as avoid massaging the area treated as this may “move” the toxin, also avoid any strenuous exercise as this may also cause it to move.  It is also suggested that avoid laying down for at least 4 hours after the procedure and an application of ice to the area may alleviate any discomfort (please check with your practitioner about their recommendations and always ask questions if you are uncertain of anything).  The treatment is not permanent and when the effects of the treatment begin to fade and disappear (between two and three months) then you may wish to consider further treatment.

I usually always take time to stress the importance of finding a suitably qualified and trained practitioner with regard to any aesthetic procedure and in this case, you will need to be assured that are properly qualified in relation to the administration of the botulinum toxin and injection techniques.   If you have been recommended by word of mouth through friends or relatives to a salon or clinic and they have had treatments and have been satisfied by the professional and customer service standards, then this is a good “route” to follow.  Also, I would mention at this point that there is an increasing interest in purchasing products online. With any products bought online there are considerable risks and no guarantee that they are genuine or safe, in the case of Botulinum Toxin this may be offered at what appear to be bargain prices, but this may come with increased risks and danger so please only proceed with this treatment using a qualified practitioner and recommended salon.

As with any BLOG you may left with unanswered questions, but I hope that it has given sufficient knowledge and information to help you consider your options but remember all your questions and concerns can be addressed during a consultation and your practitioner will guide you through the treatment, costs, side effects and expectations so I hope that your search will prove successful and beneficial.

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