How Semi-Permanent Make Up Can Save You Time?

How Semi-Permanent Make Up Can Save You Time?

Are you a Businesswoman always attending meetings, a busy Mum or just someone who enjoys looking feeling good after applying make-up?  Any woman knows that it is not simply an activity where you just apply the basics and that will do.  You may have what consider “stock” items the old favourites that you know and love (be it lipstick or gloss) but the fact is you have to shop for these items, you might prefer a particular brand, then there is colour – a whole range is available but of course not all are suitable as they do not necessarily blend in with your own natural colouring.  All these things take time.  Is there an answer or solution? There is and you may have heard of it but never considered it – SPMU – Semi-permanent make-up.  It is known or referred to sometimes by other names such as microblading, micropigmentation.  The fact is that SPMU can provide that perfect made up look every day when you wake up and so you do not have to spend valuable time in selecting and applying make up and getting frustrated when this does not go quite according to plan.

SPMU is, when applied by a trained practitioner, an extremely safe procedure the process involves pigments that are safe because they are hypoallergenic and do not cause adverse reactions.  Now used in the Aesthetics industry as a popular treatment which is gaining status as more women find it not just beneficial but a lifesaver in giving more time either for leisure or business.

So, what can SPMU do to help you achieve that perfect made-up look?  The procedure is suitable not just for eyebrows but also your lips and eyes.   The look is achieved by placing or implanting small quantities of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin.

Let us start with the eyebrows.  Before the treatment, your practitioner will hold a consultation where they ascertain what shape and colour you want to achieve for your final outcome, although you should understand this is not an immediate result and you will need a follow up treatment once the initial treatment has healed – this can take up to 6 weeks.  There is a huge range of colours available so it best to be sure that you select the right pigment. Your practitioner will assess your skin type (colour) and advise you what will be the most suitable to give you a natural look.  The Practitioner might show you the Fitzpatrick Scale which will identify your natural skin tone.  Once you have determined what you want in terms of colour the Practitioner will complete a template or stencil for the shape again ensuring that this is the best and perfect shape for you.  The procedure can then take place using a machine the practitioner will then place the pigment under the dermal layer of the skin (the machine using fine needles) this may cause some discomfort, but a topical cream or ointment can be applied to numb the area.  The pigment is used to create “fine hair strokes” that mimic the eyebrows look giving better definition and contour.  This initial treatment can take up to 3 hours to complete (including the measuring and drawing and stencil).  Generally, after this treatment you will be aware of a much darker appearance to the eyebrows, but this is common as the pigment causes the body to react.  This is a “foreign” body so the natural reaction for the body is to defend and repair. The pigment will take time to take effect and generally it will fade and then in some instances seem to fade completely but will soon begin to develop into the intended shape and colour – however this will not be complete until you have a top up or re-touch is applied (this can be 4-12 weeks depending on your skin type).  As mentioned, the desired outcome may take longer so patience is required.  Other techniques are available too which include microblading (This has been discussed in another Blog)

What about the eyes? An individual’s eyes may be striking because of their colour and hue whilst some individuals feel that they want to enhance their look and give better definition and depth.  This is achieved by the precision placing of pigment on the upper and lower lid (or both).  Your eyelashes can appear thicker by placing dye between the lashes.

Finally, the lips. As with facial features sometimes they can appear to be not quite right – this is possibly down to symmetry and SPMU can correct this.  Also, your lips can be treated to create a fuller and larger look and the treatment can also stop lip-bleed but also provide the perfect colour enhancing your appearance.

It should be noted that you may not be suitable for SPMU and your practitioner will take your medical history during the consultation to assess whether there are any indicators to suggest that the procedure is unsuitable or should be delayed in any way.

For example, if you had any of the following you will be advised to delay treatment (the period of delay will vary dependant on the condition): surgery, scarring from surgery, taking or has been taking Retin A / Retinois, Pregnant or still breastfeeding, Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy.   Your practitioner will advise you fully at the consultation.

In some instances, treatment will not be advised, or you might have to obtain your doctor’s permission.

What about After Care?  There are some definite guidelines and recommendations to follow if you want to achieve your desired outcome.   Firstly, you will need to be aware of any “side-effects” which commonly occur, and you should not be concerned they include tenderness, swelling and redness, these are only minor and will dissipate.  You may also experience dry flaking skin and itchiness.  These only last for approximately 4 days.  The after care is similar for these treatments with some variants but there are some general rules that apply.  These include avoid exposure to direct sunlight, tanning sunbeds, and other treatment, avoid saunas and salt water (sea or outdoor lido) and chlorinated water.  Do not arrange any other type of Aesthetic treatments close to the treated area.  Avoid using cosmetic products, keep the area from getting wet and if it does carefully pat dry.  With the eyebrow / eye treatment use sterilised water in the first few days to freshen the brow, with the lips you may be advised to use ointment (your practitioner will advise) to ensure the outcome is achieved.

It may be that you know others who might benefit from this treatment such as anyone with visual problems and finds it difficult to apply make-up, someone with hair loss or alopecia can benefit, also those with allergies to certain cosmetic products – advise them if they are unaware and this be provide them with the perfect solution and a boost to their self-confidence.

I hope that you enjoyed this article on SPMU it may not have answered all your questions but hopefully it has provided you with sufficient information to pursue the treatment or find out more.  Remember your local salon will have skilled practitioners who will discuss and provide answers to your question during your consultation.

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