Vela Shape – correcting your body features without surgery.

Vela Shape – correcting your body features without surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery to correct facial and other body features are something that we witness via the media and social media sources, photographs of before and after cosmetic surgery are freely available and viewed many times and by a lot of people.  Of course, sometimes this may generate further interest and a possible commitment to proceeding with a particular procedure.   People of both genders but particularly females who are more prone and subject to cellulite may consider that liposuction may be the solution – however according to the specialists, liposuction will not treat cellulite.  There must be some solution or treatment that surely offers some hope to those wish to alter the contours of their body by treating the cellulite?  There is one available which is called Velashape.   Unlike cosmetic surgery this is a non-invasive technique that is available to treat the thighs and abdomen and reduce the “circumference”, and to reduce the cellulite which is visible and causes “dimpled skin”. Velashape can also be used to treat upper arms, and stomach and can be used for under the chin by reducing the fat located there.


How does it actually work?  We know and may have even seen medical documentaries on the application of liposuction, but this is different.  Velashape essentially is a machine that delivers different modes to treat the affected area instead of just one.


If we consider these in their various “stages”, the first being suction, this in effect draws the skin nearer to the energy sources also it enables the device or hand-held machine to massage  the area being treated.  This both stretches and relaxes the fibrous bands under the skin, which are or have become stiff and these are responsible for causing the “orange peel” effect and dimpling that is called cellulite.  Infrared light and radiofrequency energy then address the laxity of the skin.  This is by tightening the collagen fibres which are in the underlying dermal layers of the skin, this reduces the fat cells or destroys them.  This process also stimulates and promotes collagen and elastin growth which improves the quality and elasticity of the skin.


So, what are the benefits and possible counterproductive elements associated with Velashape? The first one is that it is non-invasive unlike cosmetic surgery, so the risk of infection is minimized.  Also, unlike cosmetic surgery the treatment time is minimal – the procedure only takes approximately 20-30 minutes and there is no downtime (recovery period), this means that a client can continue their normal routine without the need to arrange time off work, arrange childcare or change any aspects of their daily routine.  The procedure is also painless it can be arranged with other procedures and treatments and lastly it is safe for all skin types and skin tones.  There are some negatives that clients should take into consideration.  One treatment is insufficient to see significant results, it usually takes three to six sessions. These would be applied once a week (7 days between appointments).  The results even then should not be perceived as permanent an individual would have to continue treatments for a year with 3-4 follow up sessions during that period just to maintain the effects.  Not all clients reported seeing the results they expected.  This could be due to the fact that all individuals are suited to the treatment.  A practitioner would have to determine (using the appropriate scale of measurement BMI) whether you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. If you slight dimpling of the skin (orange peel effect) in the upper leg region visible when standing up this may indicate that you are a suitable candidate.   As in common with other Aesthetic procedures if you pregnant or breastfeeding then you should not consider the treatment (postpone and then seek a practitioners’ advice).  If you wear a pacemaker, an implanted automatic defibrillator or other electronic device then treatment is advised against.  If you are taking any type of blood thinners, then you would be required to stop taking these 5 days before treatment, but you should consult your doctor first.  As Velashape has been developed over the last few years the figures relating to its success are limited to Velashape 2 and Velashape 3 is now in use so research would have to be conducted to assess its success.  The research conducted thus far has indicated that it does help reduce cellulite, but this should not be seen as a cure as there is not one as yet available.


The procedure is regarded as safe with minimal side effects which include bruising and sometimes burns (minor) but this is due to the frequency being used and this can be altered to ensure this does not occur.  Bruising only lasts a few days and this will disappear.  Prior to the treatment a practitioner will advise the client to keep well hydrated, increasing their usual intake of water to ensure they are hydrated.  The client will see results approximately six to eight weeks after the initial treatment, but some have reported visible results after just one or two sessions.  The results are not permanent and should be repeated after six months but they can last longer and be more effective if the client maintains a healthy and balanced diet and also ensures the right amount and type of exercise.


If this type of treatment is not suitable then there are some other forms of procedures that may be available to individuals these are firstly Accent Laser treatment this uses radiofrequency energy which aims to reduce cellulite and also tighten the skin.  Ultrasonic Cavitation (this is available with different applications such as VASER shape), this blends massage and ultrasound. This will boost circulation and lymphatic drainage. It targets fat cells in the arms, belly, love handles, thighs and chin.   Smoothshapes, this goes further and uses a combination of massage, lasers, and suction.  This stimulates and encourages collagen production and liquefies fat cells so they can be eliminated or removed.  Lastly Venus Legacy which uses radiofrequency energy and suction.  This will tighten the skin and shrink fat cells.  If you are seeking treatment for cellulite reduction and trying to combat loose skin, then your first step would be to consult a trained and qualified practitioner for any of the above procedures and they will be able to assess and advise you on the most suitable treatment that is best suited to your condition.  They may advise complimentary treatments which will provide optimum results and also how many treatments they would recommend.  Prices will vary (this may depend on your geographical location, London or city prices may well be more expensive) it will also depend on the course duration and any other treatments that may be suggested.  An individual is best advised to do some research but not just on prices.  Always research the salon and practitioners and establish that they are reputable and have qualified practitioners.  Recommendations by someone that you know is sometimes preferable as they have used the salon and practitioner so they can assure you from their own experience.

I hope this BLOG will prove helpful and beneficial if you are considering this type of treatment and I trust that you will find the right treatment.

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